Airline Pilot/USAPA

Captain James Ray Cockpit 

Captain James Ray

Somebody once described my profession as months and months of sheer boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror and it’s kind of a funny way to stamp it…. I still get a kick out of punching out of an overcast sky early in the morning with the sun coming up. I still get a challenge and satisfaction out of making a nice landing and making all of the thousands of decisions that it takes to fly, on a daily basis.

It’s an important business, the safety of our passengers is important and you need a highly qualified, highly motivated, highly educated individual to do this job and you know, I’m afraid we don’t have a lot of them coming out of college this way so if we can turn a corner, and we can make this job attractive again, and we will hopefully attract the best and the brightest to keep this profession going and to keep our skies safe.