Kathryn Gottlieb

My self-description is definite life-long learner… honestly I hate using that expression because in the educational field it’s really overused, but it really does describe my approach to things. I’m just in awe of how many things there are to learn and know and be amazed by and that’s also part of what drives me as a teacher. I also want to be able to pass that on to my students…that kind of approach, that kind of “Wow” thing. And, I know this is weird but, you can get that same “Wow” from conjugating verbs as you can get from discovering herbs in a forest and I’m just out to convince my students of that.

To me (the union) relates to our dysfunctional, topsy-turvy norm that we settle for in our culture about who’s valuable for what they do. So a union is a chance for some sort of moderation and reminder or a call for sanity…