Engineer Technician, Fire Department/IAFF



Thomas Walker

How do I feel about the work I do? I feel good about it. It’s my make-up. I think it’s important. A lot of times, when people think of firefighters they think all they’re around for is fires, which is really not true. It’s just a misconception they’re having because like I said, when you dial 911, if you’re having chest pain, if there’s car accidents or a medical problem, you get the fire department at your door, pretty much first, and then you have your ambulance come down that we contract with, that transports you to the hospital. Along with that we do fire drills at schools and some teaching at schools, as far as fire safety; how to handle emergencies. If there’s an emergency of any substantial amount in the city, you dial 911, for the most part you’re gonna get either the police department or the fire department.

If you make situations better than before you arrive, that’s one way you can define success I guess. When we go into an emergency situation, we can maintain things or make it better than the way it was when we arrived, then we succeeded. That’s pretty much how I would define success. I seldom have left a scene that wasn’t better off than it was before I arrived.




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