Folk Singers/AFM/Local 1000



Jeni Hankins/Billy Kemp “Jeni and Billy”

There are different sizes of success. Like, for example, we had a really nice bowl of oatmeal this morning, and that was a success. There are little successes, like, some days when I’m doing individual practicing, when I’m practicing scales on one of my instruments, I can make a little break-through with my fingering or something; that’s a little success. When I say little, it’s little at the moment but it can be major as far as something that happens later in a performance. We just came back from a tour in Florida and the concerts were highly successful. The reason is we had these audiences of 100, 200 people, totally captivated by the story and the music. That was a major success in my mind; That’s performance success. And then there are practicing successes and recording successes. When you make a record, when they come up with something really great, a lot of times they’ll say “I got lucky” and it’s true. There’s something that’s elusive about recording because, if there were some sort of formula, then everybody would be doing it. Those kinds of successes, recording successes, getting something that you can release, that has some kind of magic, that is major, for me. (Billy)




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